Monday, November 2, 2009

its over

u told me that there was nobody else
how do u think i felt
when i saw u with somebody else
my faith in u just started to melt
i blame myself cuz i was too blind to see
that u were lying
kept denying something was wrong
but u know as well as i do
that the love is all gone
who would have thought
that it would come down to all of this
a broken heart
and an ending kiss
i know that i have eyes and i can see
but i was soooo blind and u were much too kind
with the luv u were giving me
spending way too much time with all my friends
not knowing me the beginning of the end
for u....for me....for us
i pushed and pushed till i pushed u away
there's no turning back
as a mater of fact
it's the end of my better days
i never knew love like this
once again a broken heart
and an ending kiss

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