Monday, January 18, 2010

hasan salaam and rugged n raw interview

hasan salaam and rugged n raw interview from Alexie Figueroa on Vimeo.

to say that these 2 gents are the saviors of hip hop would be my personal opinion...i was lucky enough to be invited to the studio that they record at,,it was a blast and more,,,they both are extremely funny kats,,,,but when it comes to the music,,the funny face goes away and its all bizzness....hasan is a very passionate individual when talking about how he loves music,,he is a very diverse individual,,,his knowledge of jazz was very impressive.....rugged and raw,,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,woooooooow,,,this brothers personality is loose and relaxed,,he doesnt really take things to serious,,,i believe that he feels that its all about the music,,,and he is having fun fun fun.....i was allowed to get a listen to a couple of tracks to the up and coming mohamed dangerfield release,,,,hahahahhahahaha,,and i have to say that the tracks i heard are very different from the one before........i can go on and on about these 2,,,but im gonna let the interview speak 4 itself....
peace to the fellas

muahhhhhh to the ladies

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