Wednesday, February 17, 2010

miss natalie crue speaking about hasan salaam(mo danger)

 i first met Hasan, an EXTREMELY talented MC from New Jersey, several months ago at a show in NYC. We both had plenty of mutual acquaintenances, all who had raved to me about Hasan and his knack for the mic. After seeing him perform several times around NYC, I just HAD to catch up with him.

Recently, my fellow blogger friend/Lunch/drinking Buddy, Alexie F. and I had the distinct pleasure of tailing along to the studio with Hasan and his equally talented counterpart RuggedNRaw. There, we viewed the magic that is “Mohammed Dangerfield”, a dynamic Hip Hop duo, that’s comprised of Hasan and his equally talented counterpart RuggedNRaw. We listened to a few exclusive tracks off their upcoming album, laughed hysterically, enjoyed more than a few sips of “adult soda”, and rocked out. It’s always a blast hanging out with my dudes!

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