Monday, August 30, 2010

justin thomas u fucking rock buddy

The Man of the Hour....Hip Hop videographer; Justin Thomas from Alexie Figueroa on Vimeo.

i apoligize for the weakness of the
 audio,,lord knows i thought long and hard b4 putting it up...the smile on this young mans face is priceless,,and i wanted u to see how happy he is doing his thang and following his heart with his dreams..many people 4 whatever reason stop doing what they truy love,,and justin fuels my passions with his love 4 hip chuck d coughed at a bodega on a Saturday night in the Summer of blah blah blah,,,justin would probably give u the details of it...its a joy to listen to him talk about hiphop...he is the future of hip hop,,he is a soldier of hip hop,he is hip hop.....wherever this journey takes us my friend,,I'm surely glad that u asked my to roll with.......

thanxxx juss juss........

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