Friday, February 11, 2011

10 q&a's with marco polo

hey marco whats up?

thank u so much 4 taking the time to do this interview..

the funny thing about it is, i was at the cutting room a few years back (small world) wrapping up an interview with the female mc eternia aka silk kaya,and she had invited me to the knitting factory to see a show,,,well on that bill was,,,master ace,emc,wordsworth,punchline... of course u were there lol..i tried to get in a few words with u before i left, but it was crazy that night.......great place to see a live show.......

alexie f: i know u never have that one person in mind when ur doing beats but, how does it feel when dudes like,master ace,torae,and ruste juxx bless 1 of ur joints???
Marco Polo: always a blessing to work with talented MC's over my production. I put a lot of time into my music so I'm always looking for the same passion when it comes to rappers.

alexie f: i know ur lab is in brooklyn lol, it must be a good feeling to be in a borough with so much hip hop history,was brooklyn the plan ,or it just worked out that way???
Marco Polo: New York in general was the plan. I just ended up in Brooklyn via 6 degrees of separation and good friends. I love where I live. The vibe is perfect.

alexief: i know brazil is a place u wanna rock at, have u locked down anything yet???
Marco Polo: No sir. I'm sure it will happen when it's suppose to. Fingers crossed! That's a place I've always wanted to visit for many reasons.

alexie f: i know u love diggin in those crates for ,beats,breaks,and long roughly would u say that process is from crate to finished track???
Marco Polo:Completely changes all the time. Sometimes the cards line up and I can knock out a finished beat in 30 minutes and other times it takes a few days to wrap something up. I prefer the 30 minute days haha.

alexie f: is the mpc 2000 still ur weapon of choice to catch samples,or have u moved on to another piece of equipment
Marco Polo: 2000 XL is still my sampler of choice. I've tried other samplers but I'm very impatient when it comes to stopping work flow to learn new gear. Plus, if it ain't broke don't fix it...

alexie f: regarding video making,do u like the process,bringing visual to ur music???
Marco Polo: I think a good video can elevate a song to another level. It happened with "Nostalgia". I just don't always love being the guy in the video. I think my talents are best hidden in a cave making music.

alexie f: what i like about them is that they are pretty straight forward with concept,mc in the front and u chillin in the background just enjoying the track...
Marco Polo: yeah only so many rap motions you can do before the director is like "okay Marco.....smoke a cigarette or something!!!".

alexie f: do u bring any ideas to the table for them,or do u just let the director do his thing
Marco Polo: I'm involved with everything to do with my music. mixing, mastering ,recording, visuals. I have delayed video releases before. Shit gotta be right or I ain't having it! I deeded a video for "Crashing Down" that will never see the light of day. Love that song, a bad video can also take away from it. Almost lessen the value.

alexie f: u have a joint on talib kweli's new album (gutter rainbows)which dropped jan 25, called(palookas) its talib featuring (sean price)
that track is he blessing the (port authority 2) album?
Marco Polo: Thank you. Talib Kweli did an incredible song for PA#2. And I have the best producer of all time doing scratches on it. Gonna be a special one for me and hopefully the fans.

alexie f: who would u like to work with that u havent worked with already????
Marco Polo: Styles P, Nas,Ghostface, Raekwon, Jay-Z, Slick Rick, Joell Ortiz, 50 Cent....

alexie f: any last words,plugs etc etc ?????
Marco Polo: thanks for talking to me. I'm working on 3 new albums. PA#2, Another MC collabo album with Hannibal Stax of the Gang Starr Foundation & a 3rd album I'm not at liberty to discuss yet haha. TBA. Follow me on if you're into that crap. peace.

yo marco,,thank u so much dude,,,this interview was a blast 2 do

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