Friday, June 3, 2011

What the F#*% happened to Jodeci!!!!!

The title says it all. Those are the words that Alexie F asked me on this early Friday morning. These brothas were the Shhhh back in the late 80's & 90's. As Alexie sings all the joints for this  album over the I talk about the business connection w/ the group.  

Back in 1989 I worked a graphic design/image building company called , Rich, Butts &  Gittens:The Solution.  These talent guys created the corporate id, the iconic Uptown cat. 

Uptown MGMT/Uptown Records was under the MCA Record label which Jodeci was under. I remember back then when PUFFY (Sean Combs was called then) use to ride the train in from Howard University to work with them and get these country boys into a more gritty look for their fans. 

Yes.... haha Alexie F is still singing as I write this

& though the DeGrate brothers (Swing Brothers) & Hailey brothers went on to create some great    music separately, we cannot  forget jams like  Feenin, Freek' n You & Get on Up . Their songs  were the anthem of our 20's...OMG....great times

As Alexie F goes on to sing something new from another group (something he often  does) ...lolol. Click the titles of the songs and check out the vids.  

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