Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where did the music go?

Back in February, I wrote article on Facebook about  the loss of great music. It happened because I read a profile status of an old friend... and truly had me reminiscing of the good old days of great music. Alexie F read it , loved it & wanted to start true dialog about our love for great music.  So let the memories begin.

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One of the things I pride myself on is the fact that I have a diverse interest in music.  I remember walking  into every neighborhood in NYC & vibe on any music that was playing. I often talk w/my homeboy about being blessed to have grown when we did because we were surround by great music.... Yes we were....(BIG UPS TO ALEXIE)... My husband tells my son often that many of the music of today will not be memorable like the songs of the past.( Tell em ANT)

Take the trip w/me and just imagine.
§  Walking out my building in Marble Hill & hear Randy & crew blasting  Hip hop out of their radios
§  Walking into Rivera's pizza on 231st off BWY  & hearing what we term now as classic rock 
§  Watching Soul Train on Sat. morning @ my cousin's house eating hard boiled egg & bacon sandwiches hearing the newest R&B song that were out.
§  Growing up going to St. John's Daycamp & listening to a variety of music thought the day.. from Rock & Roll to disco to contemporary R& B all in one day ( Big ups to Diana Coltenback & Cathy Hogan)
§  Going to my other homegirl's house & watching MTV to catch all the newest vids.
§  Then going to my other home girl's house & watching the taping of NY Hot Tracks from the previous week.
§  Hitting my favorite spot the old Calente Cab (since closed) w/ all my girls & homeboys & jamming to pop vids on the screen enjoying my long island ice teas (big ups to DAVID STOVALL)
§  Walking down the Harlem street to my hairdresser & vibing to the old dudes listening to jazz
§  Going to the beach & hearing all the radios in unison playing 98.7 KISS fm
§  Heading to my homegirl's house in Dykman & hearing merengue & Salsa blaring out the windows as I walk past the double parked cars
§  Being excited about a soundtrack to a movie about to come out
§  Walking from Parkchester passing Pusgley to go to my partner in crime's house hearing great Reggae
§  Throwing House parties in my Homegirl's basement 
§  Hitting  the record store w/ my allowance. touching the vinyl....looking at the graphics of the covers.  REAL ART .. & don't let it be a double album.. You know you will get double the graphics w/ the "billfold effect" cover
§  Or simply...chilling in my bedroom playing old musical theatre albums & of course.. my favorite purple wonder's albums

So much music, I can never get enough of it. & now I find myself not really LOVING  what is out now.....I mean don't get me wrong.. there are a few peoples I like.. But I can't say I LOVE what they are putting out now. I have to look forward to single release instead of an entire compilation of music.

So now I guess I will dig thru my old music.. & just enjoy my memories

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