Thursday, July 7, 2011

A.T.B.... not just another entity

art is many different things,,,some happy,,,some sad,,,some f*#%’d up…but it is art
i know  i cant live w/out it,,can u????

lets think about something,,,what does a lovely piece of art do 4u when it catches ur eye,,I know what it does 4me ,,,,& i know I can never ever ,,,,ever breathe w/out it

A.T.B. 4me,,has always been a luv hate relationship,,,luv 4 what they do but hate that I cannot always afford their stuff,,,,lolol. buuuut….i know when i see it i am glad that i did

thank  u A.T.B,,,4embracing me & making me a part of what u do,,,i see ya when we make our 1st million….lol

Alexie F.: what is ATB?

Trina SB.:  Is a minority owned business.  It use to be called A.T.B.; Burks Graphic Designers..  Obviously the initials stand for Anthony & Trina Burks…We dropped the Burks in 1996. Then we changed our company name again in 2005 because we felt we were more than a graphic design company.  & in 2009 we became A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers LLC.  Technically we are an image building business for artists and companies. We connect missing links in businesses and artistically help bridge a gap. We also connect artists to clients & Mentor Young artists by offering training for the professional art world.

In 2006 we developed Collaboration.  This is a showcase of artists' of many disciplines, presented in homes & businesses allowing artwork to be viewed by clients in a more realistic environment rather than a gallery or museum. It allows the artists to intermingle with buyers one on one and develop a personal relationship without a third party facilitator. We have since added poets, singers, musicians & dancers to our repertoire.

Alexie F.: how long have u been in existence?

Trina SB.: Since  Spring of 1993

Alexie F: what r the artistic struggles of ATB

Trina SB.: There isn’t really an “artistic struggle” Our struggle is the lack of a sales team.  Because of all the other things we do… we are in needs of someone who can be a selling lead for our company.

Alexie F: has ATB been well received in ur community?

Trina SB: It’s funny because.. We are kind of known as this "power couple" in our community.  We are known for being art activists in our area. A.T.B., represents the quality of work that we put out.  But we represent strength in the art community…a voice that many artists don’t have.

Alexie F: how many artists do you represent?

Trina SB: That is hard to say.  Every artist that we have had in Collaboration, we represent them @ some capacity.  We give them leads to projects & jobs, sell on their behalf… lead them to clients etc. I want to say over 30+ artists so far. Once you are a Collaboration artist, you are family.  & we take care of family.

Alexie F: what was the thing that made u want to start ATB?

Trina SB:  Anthony & I wanted to get design work, but people at the time were not taking individual artists seriously. So we developed a brand that demanded respect.

Alexie F: where do u see ATB in 5yrs?

Trina SB:  Honestly,  our goal is to tackle the apparel & textile industry….scarves, ties & believe it or not shoes…also other forms of merchandise.

Alexie F: do u see ATB staying in west palm beach, fl?

Trina SB: Hmm that really depends on a few things….Which way the economy turns, & whether Palm Beach County ever really develops a respect for artists in their own back yard like Dade & Broward do.

Alexie F: is there art appreciation for ATB in west palm beach

Trina SB:  The lack of art appreciation would be here regardless if we were or not. We have been trying to develop an art appreciation in this community for years. I think we were ahead of our time honestly.  We support other artists, we buy art, we bridge businesses &  artists…..and that isn’t common here.

Alexie F: if u had a platform what would u say to ur community when it comes 2 art.

Trina SB:  Stop alienating the artists in our community.  Art is needed for so many reasons. If we leave, the little culture in this community that is left will be non-existent 

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