Friday, February 17, 2012

The Push that Almost Wasn't

Back in the Myspace days...I was a known blogger on the net....I was managing a couple of forums on Delphi, created a blog on Blogspot, as well as a few blogs on Myspace. Some of the material I was posting were often known for being slightly edgy to almost controversial...In between I would periodically post these, what appeared to be random "phantom poems" that were sometimes dark; yet feeling. 

Alexie F (my  now partner in crime)& another writer friend of mine named Luis, would often bug me to find out who the writer was of the at times "drastic metaphors" that would flow across the screen.....Finally once I disclosed it was me, they both tagged teamed me w/the idea of getting the work published. Not feeling that as an option; all I just wanted to do is continue writing my former & present feelings in private...never disclosing the Phantom writer to the public.

Me a writer???...yeah right. It's still foreign to me as I write this.  

Alexie F pushed the concept which forced me to search for an option that suited me if I were to consider it. Didn't tell many other people close to me. Only 2 people knew.... Why?..because if I chickened out..I didn't have any other people who would have held me accountable.

So still afraid to move forward.. I asked AF to add a piece  to my first book... as excited as I was, when he actually attitude was like "DAMN..NOW I REALLY HAVE TO DO THIS"  Now nothing is going to allow me to NOT do this project. His words in the piece he contributed were simple yet encouraging. Also it helped me put aside & forgive some our childhood differences from our past.

So now this artist  is a self published author.

Since then.. I have published 3 more books.... two that Alexie has contributed  great work in.   One is a cookbook that you can find his recipe for ***mmmmm..... you need to get the book to find

The first book was about my life from the past into the present....the second was my point of view of situations as a Gemini. They both are the compliment of the other. Deep, feeling piece that make you think w/collaborations of artists, writers, friends, family & legacies.   

Thank you to Alexie & Luis for both staying on me to get that first book done. Because honestly, that journey would never had happened without you both. The ideas would have just been verses that would have stayed in my word document program or even my journals for no one to experience. 

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