Saturday, November 7, 2009

up late with rugged n raw

Rugged & Raw1

late night talk with rugged n raw
thursday, november 5, 2009 2:30am

alexie f: whats going on dude,,i know ur running,,ur one of the most active rappers on the underground...u bust ur ass for hip hop...

rugged n raw: lol,,,thanks homie ,i always got something to do,, how u been????

alexie f: chillin’ chillin’

alexie f: where do u find the motivation??

rugged n raw: the fact that i love making music and i have something unique to offer,,i believe in it,,and it makes me push that much more.....

alexie f: what was that thing that happened,,that made u say ,,,i want to be a rapper?????

rugged n raw: the freedom of being able to express thoughts makes it most appealing,,the having fun and being vulnerable to the people,,,makes me want to express myself musically. plus,,,i can’t sing worth shit,,so rappin is the only way to do that. lol lol

alexie f: i see u have a sense of humor,,do u bring that to your lyrics???

rugged n raw: but of course,,,thats something that many people lack,,muthafukas are mad up tight,,and take themselves too seriously.....

alexief: amen amen,,, theres another brotha on the underground game that is mentioned a lot,,, mentioning you,,,hasan salaam,,do you work with him a lot??

rugged n raw: yeah ,,that’s my homie,,we are working on a duo album called "mohamed dangerfield",,its more than half way recorded,,the shit is gonna be awesome....

alexie f: im looking forward to that rugged,,i hope i can get an exclusive,,so i can pump it for u,,and let the fans get a taste...

rugged n raw: i got you soon....

Rugged & Raw 2

alexie f: thank you so much rugged n raw,,,its about 3am right now,,and im gonna make love to my pillow....

muah 2 the ladies

whats up to the fellas

alexie f. formerly of the zro hour

rugged n raw

Thursday, November 5, 2009

giving randy mason a hard time

hey buddy ,,,i thought i would let u see a preview of my wife doing her thing,,hhaahahahahha....

on the real though,,she is a great peformer,,,she has a great voice,,,,,,and yes live she is awesome......

let me know if i have to get up bail money 4 u,,,,cuz u might rush the stage........

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Falling in Love with U

I've dreamed so long

about something this strong

and I think it's coming all true.

Do u feel it 2?

U kiss so sweet

my heart tends 2 skip a beat.

Normally I don't think so

I'm falling in with U.

Girl ur always on my mind.

Not once...Not twice,

but baby all the time.

Slowly but surely

Maybe we can build

a love that can last 4ever.

I'm falling in love with U

When I hold u
I can think straight
& when I pull u closer 2 me
I shiver &I truly shake.
It's a feeling I don't want 2 let go.

I'm Falling in Love with U

(c) 1980 Alexie Figueroa

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

rugged n raw

beeeeee on the lookout for a hot rare interview
with rugged and raw...

i was lucky enough to catch him late at night

breezing through the internet...

stay up with me...

he kicked it with me about up and coming
projects and then some..

dont miss it.....

muahhhhhhhh 2 the ladies

and what up 2 the fellas

alexie f


Monday, November 2, 2009

its over

u told me that there was nobody else
how do u think i felt
when i saw u with somebody else
my faith in u just started to melt
i blame myself cuz i was too blind to see
that u were lying
kept denying something was wrong
but u know as well as i do
that the love is all gone
who would have thought
that it would come down to all of this
a broken heart
and an ending kiss
i know that i have eyes and i can see
but i was soooo blind and u were much too kind
with the luv u were giving me
spending way too much time with all my friends
not knowing me the beginning of the end
for u....for me....for us
i pushed and pushed till i pushed u away
there's no turning back
as a mater of fact
it's the end of my better days
i never knew love like this
once again a broken heart
and an ending kiss