Thursday, May 6, 2010

sweetest taboo

helen folasade adu,the name alone just wants to make u just play one of her cds...she captured my heart with her 1st american hit(cherry pie)i guess the 1st attraction is the voice,,but she has the beauty to the time she came out,,their really wasnt anybody really matching up to that sound in the states,,nigerian born sade has several albums to choose from....i think the most strange thing about her is,,,she takes a great deal of time to come out again with an album,,but when she does ,,u understand why....please enjoy the songs that i have put on the music player,,lol,,u might here some u have never heard before,,please enjoy....


 to the ladies
 wine bill 4 the fellas...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BE EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

You fans will have a lot to look forward to from Alexie F & Afro Boy in the rest of 2010

  • Another book collab
  • A book of his own
  • A birthday bash w/a guest DJ
  • MORE Great interviews
  • A new portrait being created
  • Working with musical artist
  • Supporting the visual art community
Wooooo........I have said too much just need to stay up w/ this kid. He has a lot of surprises coming soon.

Oh & by the way..........WHEN YALL GONNA VOTE FOR MY BOY........WE NEED YOUR VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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