Saturday, July 10, 2010

love me 2 times

Jim Morrison was one of the most haunting and gifted artist i ever had the pleasure of listening to......his voice matched the lyrics he was writing at the time,,and he was always doing some type of weird shit on stage.....their are so many unsolved mysteries about this man,,but this post ain't about how he lived his life,,,,this post is about the love of his music.....his music continues to inspire and amaze people till this day,,and will continue to do that......thank u Jim,,cuz when I'm feeling strange,,,i just put on one of ur songs....if u have the money and the time,,,a new DVD of him is out in stores,,,narrated by johnny depp....enjoy the the Jim Morrison experience....

peace to the fellas





Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Muah 2 the Ladies Contest

Well ladies, it's finally time. If you have been following Alexie F you will have no problems winning this. Here is your opportunity.  The only thing have to be a fan of Alexie F.'s Facebook page. So click the link below, join the fan page & follow the contest rules......Good Luck