Thursday, August 12, 2010

chasing bobbito

back in 2008 randy mason got to interview someone who he refers 2 as "a renaissance man",,,,, bobbito garcia

this was a cool interview that i want my fans to check out,,,,,

i unfortunately missed an opportunity 2 meet him when he was interviewed by the zro hour due 2 a family emergency,,,,but in time i will definitely meet up w/my fellow boricua

Monday, August 9, 2010

Randy Mason ROOOOOCKKKS!!!!!!!!

©2008 The Zro Hour Archive photography

yoooo,,,, randy mason in in the house,,,,got 2 see my boy & got 2 do an incredible interview with him

got 2 meet randy 4 the first time @ the taping the zro hour anniversary show

that will be coming up soon,,,,in the meantime get 2 know this brotha &; see some of the things he & his group the crowd r doing

here is also a link of me given him a hard time about a recent musical act,,,,hahahahaha,,,funny shhhhhh...

& check out me shouting randy out @ last year's brooklyn hip hop festival,,,don't sleep on this cat