Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What Afro Boy means to me~Tri Tri

When this entity was considered ...I was honored because It was a concept that came from a childhood nickname. As mentioned before,Alexie was a boy two buildings up from mine. I met him @ the age of 12... he was 13 w/a huge afro. Hair always in tact. The name represents to me nostalgia....The 70's basically. A simpler time. 

 Alexie Figueroa was a dude who  was a easy guy to talk to even back then. So oddly enough, Afro Boy resurfaced 29 years an intimate book signing in Yonkers. A reincarnation of a man who had a passion for music, his culture...his roots from Marble Hill Projects. 

 Who would have thought that in this short time developing this concept that AF has a corporate identity, written many songs, been published in 3 books, interviewed music legends, has a lingerie line & a t-shirt merch line & has his own radio show... Freakin all in three years...REALLY?? people have done less in 10 years. Not to mention that he is a rep for my art company A.T.B......&  he is a great dad to some awesome sons. 

 What is in store?.. the world is his oyster. So many things to look forward to.. Like him.. I don't want to jinx anything....but my boy is an artist....and like all artists we are all temperamental & superstitious with our visions. We need to celebrate all he has done so far ..and support the present & encourage the future. 

Taking an artistic talent for granted is not an option. Afro Boy is 3years old on the October 29th. Respect the visionary...Cuz he deserves it.

Monday, October 22, 2012


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Afro Boy.....I wanted to take the time to explain to my followers what Afro Boy meant and what it still means to me......I created it with the help of my asst/co founder and partner of Afro Boy miss Trina Slade Burks(aka tri tri)lol.....because I was coming off of a I think lol..7 year stint on the zro hour radio show....I didn't want to take time off from what I was doing cuz I was afraid of going flat with my artistic flow.....I've always felt that variety with humor were key ingredients to what I do and only u guys would be better judges to years on the 29th of this month and still finding ways to make myself relevant in it all.....I'm proud to say that not only have I interviewed a Juno nominated Mc (Eternia),but also a Grammy winning producer (Easy Mo Bee) and a Grammy nominated singer (Jon B)......along side of that,I've created my own radio show that I'm very proud of and I'm set to release my 1st book entitled sex rules (lingerie already available) lol......I like to keep what I do very loose and very funny,and I hope it shows in my work.....without my followers there would absolutely be no reason to even do it,so I do it for u.......I'm working on many things but I'm a, superstitious guy so I won't mention in the works bryan adams said in a song once...everything I do,I do it for u.......thank u for the love and thank u for ur eyes,and ears...for without them I'm many people to thank so I thank and love u all....Muahhhh to the ladies ...pound and a half to my menz...peace.....