Thursday, May 17, 2012


What a great beginning to the next journey. 

 Alexie...took a much needed hiatus about 2 months ago... making some conscious decisions as to what is going to be the next move. He wanted to get back on radio but on his terms… w/out the hassle of waiting ‘til everyone else was ready. So, one day I was on facebook & there I saw a post from him using He didn’t say anything, he just did it……Now 60+ shows & over 900 hits later & in 2 month you have Alexie F better than ever..with a variety of shows & genres of music.

 I am very proud of the direction this is moving. 

 As the President of an art, design & entertainment business A.T.B has consistently incorporated great blends of entities & collaborations to the mix. Afro Boy is one of those entities. The next venture for us...PUBLISHING.

Alexie has been working on 3 books & I would love them to come out ASAP. but it has to be the RIGHT TIME. But don't sleep on it.. cuz it is going to happen VERY VERY SOON.