Thursday, December 31, 2009

wooooooooow,,,i have loved this band for as long as i can remember,,,but im sad to say that the lead singer passed away way before his time....

the music of this incredible band still lives on in our hearts,,,please take some time to check out all the incredible work that layne stayley did vocally 4 the alice in chains.....

rest in peace layne,,we love u

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

hahahahahhahaha,,,what u want me to say,,,that i cant stand this women......naaaaaaaaa, i dont think so....
she has been my baby since the 80ssss,,hahahahahaha....
cherry pie was the 1st song i heard of hers and it was just something new 4 me,,,something sexxy and smooth,,,like a female marvin gaye....
it takes her atleast ten years to pull one off,,,but when she comes through she never lets u down......if u havent seen her live,,please do urself and catch her on the nexxxxxt tour,,,i dont know how much longer she is gonna wanna do this,,being that it takes her 10ish years to come through.....
like a spring breeze,,,she gives us so many great jams to do the nasty 2,,,,,,,ooooooooooooooo......
question ,,,whats ur favorite sade jam and why??????
hit me up,,,let me know......
peace to the fellas
and muahhhhhhhh 2
the ladies.........
happy newyear....
and may all ur dreams come true...

my baby

i rarely mention my kids on the internet,,,,and i rarely will put a pic of my babies,,,but this is one of my little men,,,,hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha,,,i love him with all my heart,,,for those who have not experieced fatherhood 4 whatever reason,,,,i have to tell you,,,that u are missing out on a very special thing.....

im not really saying that everyone can be a mom or a dad,,,,sometimes its just not in the cards,,,but if u are lucky,,,and the stars shine ur way,,,,enjoy every moment,,,cuz they dont last 4 ever......happy newyear to all my peeps that held me down 4 09,,,,alot of people have really shown me that love is not just said,,,but its also given,,,be careful who u get kool with,,,be careful who u attach urself 2,,,,,and keep all the damn receipts...hahahahahahahahahahahahaahah

dont let anybody steal ur joy,,,i only feel sorry 4 the ones that wronged me.........

Monday, December 28, 2009

my contribution in what is my priority

Hear Me/67Baby

don't sleep,,,,,,will be a contributor in another in 2010

Monday, December 14, 2009

hands up 4 dubelyoo

please help me give it up to a guy that i really think is not only an awesome person,,,but an awesome artist...this is only a taste of his visual candy....

u better hop on this train...

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Birth of Afro Boy Pt I

This is actually part one of the three part interview of Alexie F.
We learn about some of his influences leading up to the man he is today. Photo taken by Juan Figueroa (Alexie F's father) circa 1972

Trina: How & when did you discover you were an artist?

Alexie F:good question,,,,,i didn't really know until years later,,,that i was actually an artist,,, but there was always art and music around me,,,,my father was a musician & painter,,,, there were bongos, congas etc... @ 5 years old, I received a white marble lined set of bongos from my father,,,, i was also blessed to be raised in the projects where @ that time there was a lot of diverse people with diverse taste in music,,,,my dad adored music,,,he had an incredible collection of music

Trina: What are your loves? What do you really appreciate?

Alexie F: being artistic,,,, i love 2 laugh
joy is something that we all strive for,,,,but many don't know how to reach it,,,find ur nitch that makes u happy,,,,& don't be a Same shit different day person (man I hate that),,,,(in a soft voice) i rather be a man going backward than forward (reflecting) cuz people gave a shit back in the day,,,,unlike now people r only about themselves,,,,,that ain't love

Trina: Did your upbringing have any influence on your artistic ability?

Alexie F:in the beginning,,,,when my dad was around, i was always listening 2 music,,,if i wasn't doin' that,,,,i was up late nights watching nbc,,,,,,,carson,,,,,don kirshner's rock concert,,,,hahahaha,,,,when i really should have been asleep,,,,i also got 2 see my family jam 2 music w/my dad,,, & spend time with my grandfather in the summer in pr,,,so much incredible music around,,,i was very blessed 2 have grown up when i did

Trina: Name some of your artistic influences?

Alexie F: lucky enough,,,companies back in the day offered to send music for a penny

Trina: (snickering) Yeah I know I remember

Alexie F: i would randomly choose music & after a while i would run out of choices,,,,peter frampton's frampton album, billy joel, foreigner's 4,,,, my mom was listening 2 tom jones in the house,,,,came in late on the beatles,,,,i was introduced 2 them by my hippie babysitter,,,,(thinking) hmmmmm,,,,,,,don't remember her name,,,she had me listen 2 the doors, jose feliciano, karen carpenter,,,,jimmy hendrix,,,they all left an impression on me.,,,my dad turned me on 2 led zepplin,,,i believe that they were a huge influence on the way i absorb music,,,they aren't just music, they r an experience,,, if u haven't heard it yet check out led zepplin III,,, listen 2 black dog,,,,one needs 2 be self influenced,,,& not let others totally influence them

Trina: What is your affiliation with the visual art world?

Alexie F: i have always been connected,,,my father was a painter, a poet, a musician,,,, my ex-girlfriend's father's friend was an art dealer so i would see a lot of great art all the time,,,,i started collecting recently,,,i have 3 of my best friend's works and 1 of her husband's pieces called mother nature viii,,,,i regret that i do not have any of my father's work

Trina: When did music become a part of your life?

Alexie F: music was always part of my life,,,it was always in my house,,,i grew up around it,,,i can't remember never having music around

Trina: What are some of your contributions to music?

Alexie F: 1st job,,,i was part of the staff @ sparkle management in the bronx which put out latin hip hop (also known as freestyle) music,,, i went & begged for a job,,,,marc anthony came out of that camp,,,he wasn't the only freestyle artists who went to salsa,,,la india, 1 of the founding members of tka was also very successful in salsa music,,,not many succeeded like they did,,,but going back to what i did,,,, under george vascones direction,,,, i would get artists groomed for their opportunity to get seen

Trina: like Sean was for Uptown Entertainment. You were basically an A& R person

Alexie F: yes u can say that ,,,,i also have collaborated & written music with many different people,,,,house music, freestyle, r&b, hip hop

Trina: How many musical instruments can you play & are you classically trained?

Alexie F: piano, drums, congas, bongos & guitar,,,no i am not classically trained,, i mean i didn't attend julliard or anything

Trina: Hahaha

Alexie F: i mostly learned by listening,,,& i play by ear,,,i have had some lessons early on,,,but i went off on my own & did my thing

Trina: Is there one artist who you wish to work with?

Alexie F: musically? theatrically?

Trina: Either or both

Alexie F: currently,,,larry david of curb your enthusiasm & seinfield fame,,,,very gifted & funny man,,,,ted danson said on the george lopez show that he was a genus,,,,,that is true,,,musically? (pauses) WOW,,,,, there r so many people ,,,thom yorke (from Radiohead),,,i think that his music is constantly evolving,,,i can listen to the album (Amnesiac) & hear something new every time i listen 2 it,,,his music is timeless,,,,timeless,,,what an incredible musician

Trina: What is your affiliation to Hip Hop?

Alexie F: that is a very interesting question ,,,,,,,,,,,,,i was born a few blocks away from where hip hop was created,,,,, i was born & raised in marble hill projects in the bronx,,,,,,, if u don’t know sedgwick/heath ave gave birth to hip hop,, i use 2 walk to school in the late 70’s early 80’s,,,hip hop was like a cousin, a nephew , a brother 2 me,,,,,it has always been part of my life,,,,song writing has always been part of my life,,,my luv 4 music lead me 2 hosting an online radio show called as u know the zro hour,,,, the web address

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

biggie took it wit em

we were the kings of this rap shit,,,belive it or not we still the mother fucking shit

yes props not ever mentioned to my pioneering menz who did it over and over again

many eat from the shit that we started,,u never mention us are u retarded

we gave u ur bank account,,,ur hummer,,,ur jeeps and ur women

but not even a plug despite the mansion that i saw u in

but that kool u can eat i can eat we can eat all together

just keep in mind where it started and probably where its ending...

so enjoy ur fame and whatever simple shit ur wanna care to mention

this aint a diss this aint a slap its a history lesson.......

top 10 peeps who are keeping it real

1,hasan salaam

2,rugged n raw





7,randy mason


9, j hon

10,mike swift

mike swift u did something for me a while ago and i will never ever 4 get it,,remind

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Birth of Afro Boy Part II

This is part of a three part interview I did on artist, innovator & radio personality, Alexie F. Many things have happened for this talented yet somewhat complexed individual. This very emotional cat has a way of making you laugh when you weren’t even prepared. This portion of the interview is part B of our interview. The reason he decided to release this part first, was to put to rest the questions that many of his fans had about his recent departure for the show that many learn his name from; The Zro Hour.

Trina: How long were you part of The Zro Hour?

Alexie F: (mild laugh) sorry 4 the chuckle

Trina: No Problem.

Alexie F: well 1st it needs 2 be said,,,,,I am a founding member,,,,even though it isn’t being mentioned right now,,,,,,,i have been a founding member of the zro hour for 6yrs,,,ahhhhhh yeah 6 going on 7yrs,,,, the show started on pirate radio in brooklyn,,,galaxy plus a haitian pirate radio station,,,,,, someone suggested to edaye that he should do radio,,,, he took it and ran with it,,,,,i will always give him his props 4 that,,,he asked me if interested in doing the show with him,,,,,i am down 4 whatever music related,,,,,hell I would run naked thru moscow 4 music,,,,,,hahahaha

Trina: hahahahaha

Alexie F: i said yes

Trina: What were your contributions in the beginning of the show & how did they differ later on.

Alexie F: it was always financial from the beginning,,,,creative yes,,,,,but it was ALWAYS financial,,,,,,before the resurrection show we had some creative differences & i decided 2 leave the show,,,,,,there was a gap where there wasn’t anything going on ,,,,I think edaye did 1 show during that lag time,,, the zro remained dormant 4 a while,,,,,i suggested that we do it again,,,,,,that came about when i let someone hear the show in my car,,,,,,,i didn’t tell them @ the time that it was me,,,,they didn’t even recognize my voice,,,,they said that the show was great and that the quality was 2 good 2 not continue,,,,i found monster,,, who has mad skills & who even closed out the zro hour 5th anniversary show,,,,i even introduced u into the movement & u pushed 4 bobbito

Trina: Hahaha. Very true. We will talk about that later. One of my favorite shows as you know is the Neosoul show with the Nucomme interview. How did that show come about?

Alexie F: at the time maxwell was hot with the cd NOW,,,,,,,& bilal,,,, big ups 2 bilal,,,,,musiq soulchild who I took edaye 2 see, when musiq was raw,,,,& sweetback which featured maxwell & 3 members from sade’s band ,,,stuart matthewman, andrew hale & paul denman. i met nucomme, who is the first lady of the zro hour & the 1st guest, on the d train playing music,,,it was an automatic connection the 2 of us,,,,,,& I am proud 2 say we r close,,,,she is a vibrant, talented leo,,,,,we share that leo connection,,,,,,she’s like a little sister,,,,as 4 the show itself,,,,i picked all the music,,,,,i picked the guest,,,everything else was just a natural flow.

Trina: Wow. Will you be collaborating with nucomme in the future?

Alexie F: she & i did discuss doing some stuff together right after the neosoul show,,,,,we hung out sometimes,,,but then we fell out of touch,,,,,,she said she would be moving & i just assumed it meant out of the new york city area,,,,, but turns out she is still here & ironically enough has the same number that i originally had,,,so we will see

The Bobbito Garcia Interview: When I initially approached the idea of potentially getting Bobbito Garcia to get interviewed by the Zro Hour, I asked Alexie F if there was an opportunity that the two of them would directly contact him. Reason being is that I had a direct contact that I may be able to get a hold of him. Alexie F. told me to go ahead and see what happens. I went to my contact (thank you Candy) and she told me he is very easy going, and that he would be easy to contact. He really was. And he agreed to do an interview. I contacted both Edaye & Alexie F separately about the opportunity and they were both equally excited. The premise in my approach was the obvious Boricua connection & the admiration from the hosts of Bobbito’s work. They often mentioned him on many of their shows. I had a trip to NYC planned the exact day the interview with Bobbito was to take place.

Trina: Alexie, I found out the day after I arrived to NYC that you were not part of that interview. Can you please set the record straight as to why you were not part of that interview.

Alexie F: set the record straight huh??? now we r getting into some emotional shhhhh

Trina: Yes. You and I never really got to discuss this.

Alexie F: when i first got word that it was going to happen,,,i was so excited,,,,so excited that i missed my turn going to the mountains on vacation,,, hahahaha,,,,,,,

Trina: Haha, I didn’t know that!

Alexie F: there were actually 2 reasons why i didn’t do the show,,,,,,first reason we were having more creative differences regarding the show,,,,,and 2 (silence) ,,,,,,,,,uum,,,,,, i got a call saturday @ my job ,,, before i got the call i wasn’t feeling right all day,,,,,,,(silence) i got the call,,,& that’s when i was told that both my sons were hit by an suv,,,a hit & run,,,,,,,,,,(takes a breath) i emailed edaye & told him,,,he expressed sympathy,,,,, i decided that i just wasn’t up 2 the interview,,,,, i got a voice message from edaye that said,,,,,(paraphrased) ,,,,,this is the date i picked for the interview, if u can make it see ya there, if not,,,,,fine

Trina: Wow, I am sorry I took you there hun.

Alexie F: thank GOD they r both alright now

Trina: Absolutely. …..Were you part of the planning of the New Zro Hour merchandise most recently launched?

Alexie F: no. i was saddened to see that there was merch with my face on it being used without my permission,,, (since then the merchandise with Alexie F.’s face was removed from the line)

Trina: Why are you no longer part of the show?

Alexie F: just before the release of the 5th anniversary cd , there was talk from edaye that he wasn’t gonna be on the grind with the show anymore,,,& i said do what makes u happy man,,,,then I got a voice message a few months later saying that he was going to move forward with the show solo

Trina: How did you feel? Change is hard.

Alexie F: yes but necessary,,,,,i have a lot of other things going on,,,,i contributed 2 ur poetry book,,, i have several interviews coming up,,,,,writing projects,,,production projects,,,i stay busy,,,,not 2 mention my beautiful kids,,,the most important part of my life,,,,i love & am proud 2 be a dad

Trina: Do you have any fond memories from The Zro Hour?

Alexie F: absolutely,,,,I didn’t know how 2 hold a mike be 4 the show,,,,i use 2 be nervous & get sick,,,,hahaha,,,be 4 the 1st few shows,,,,the friendship between us (Edaye & Alexie F) started as music related,,,,mutual respect 4 the love of music,,,,we were introduced by a mutual friend(we’ll call him Ron),,,,i was reading a music magazine,,,that i won’t plug cuz their not paying me,,,haha,,,& ron suggested that we need 2 meet,,,,edaye & i also share that leo connection,,,we started doing tracks together,,,,,i would travel from the bronx 2 brooklyn 2 work on the show,,,,no matter what time,,,,early in the morning, late @ night,,,,it didn’t matter,,,i was down 4 whatever 4 the good of the show,,,,,we always did great shows,,,I can’t say that there was 1 show that sucked,,,i always told e that this was a great thing,,,,i always believed in the show & what we did,,,we had our rituals,,,be 4 & during the show that i vowed never 2 tell,,,& still won’t,,,,one of my person rituals was,,,, i would never take out my microphone until it is time 2 do a show,,,,,we never ate before a show,,,@ 1 point we took a break because he was going to audio engineering school ,,,where he landed an opportunity after school to intern for wyclef jean,,,,great memories,,,,,met great artists,,,i don’t regret any of it

Trina: What do your fans mean to you & what are you doing to maintain your connection with them?

Alexie F: WOOOOWWW,,,,my fans mean everything & more, authentically & sincerely,,,,they can follow u till the end of time,,,,when they love what u do they allow u 2 do what u love,,,,what i put into place to maintain a connection,,,though I oversee and manage all my pages, i asked 4 someone 2 assist me because it is a lot,,,and though my assistant has a lot of their own stuff to manage they help keep it all in order,,,1 fan or 1million fans they r all equally important 2 me,,,,i’m a struggling artist,,,,& i love that because i appreciate the hard work involved,,,,i wish i knew how many fans so i can tattoo it

Trina: Hahaha, Dude that would be difficult because it would always change. …..What do your fans have to look forward to from you?

Alexie F: reinventing alexie f,,,,,,hahahaha AFRO BOY!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

hasan salaam

this man right here may very well be the future of hiphop...
stay up with me,,as i bring you more info about this cat...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alexie F's 10 Best Rock Bands

  1. Soundgarden

  2. Radiohead

  3. Pearl Jam

  4. Nirvana

  5. Alice In Chains

  6. Stone Temple Pilots

  7. Metallica

  8. Guns N Roses

  9. Lenny Kravitz

  10. Korn

zepps is going bye bye bye

My theme song party choice of the month

Saturday, November 7, 2009

up late with rugged n raw

Rugged & Raw1

late night talk with rugged n raw
thursday, november 5, 2009 2:30am

alexie f: whats going on dude,,i know ur running,,ur one of the most active rappers on the underground...u bust ur ass for hip hop...

rugged n raw: lol,,,thanks homie ,i always got something to do,, how u been????

alexie f: chillin’ chillin’

alexie f: where do u find the motivation??

rugged n raw: the fact that i love making music and i have something unique to offer,,i believe in it,,and it makes me push that much more.....

alexie f: what was that thing that happened,,that made u say ,,,i want to be a rapper?????

rugged n raw: the freedom of being able to express thoughts makes it most appealing,,the having fun and being vulnerable to the people,,,makes me want to express myself musically. plus,,,i can’t sing worth shit,,so rappin is the only way to do that. lol lol

alexie f: i see u have a sense of humor,,do u bring that to your lyrics???

rugged n raw: but of course,,,thats something that many people lack,,muthafukas are mad up tight,,and take themselves too seriously.....

alexief: amen amen,,, theres another brotha on the underground game that is mentioned a lot,,, mentioning you,,,hasan salaam,,do you work with him a lot??

rugged n raw: yeah ,,that’s my homie,,we are working on a duo album called "mohamed dangerfield",,its more than half way recorded,,the shit is gonna be awesome....

alexie f: im looking forward to that rugged,,i hope i can get an exclusive,,so i can pump it for u,,and let the fans get a taste...

rugged n raw: i got you soon....

Rugged & Raw 2

alexie f: thank you so much rugged n raw,,,its about 3am right now,,and im gonna make love to my pillow....

muah 2 the ladies

whats up to the fellas

alexie f. formerly of the zro hour

rugged n raw

Thursday, November 5, 2009

giving randy mason a hard time

hey buddy ,,,i thought i would let u see a preview of my wife doing her thing,,hhaahahahahha....

on the real though,,she is a great peformer,,,she has a great voice,,,,,,and yes live she is awesome......

let me know if i have to get up bail money 4 u,,,,cuz u might rush the stage........

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Falling in Love with U

I've dreamed so long

about something this strong

and I think it's coming all true.

Do u feel it 2?

U kiss so sweet

my heart tends 2 skip a beat.

Normally I don't think so

I'm falling in with U.

Girl ur always on my mind.

Not once...Not twice,

but baby all the time.

Slowly but surely

Maybe we can build

a love that can last 4ever.

I'm falling in love with U

When I hold u
I can think straight
& when I pull u closer 2 me
I shiver &I truly shake.
It's a feeling I don't want 2 let go.

I'm Falling in Love with U

(c) 1980 Alexie Figueroa

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

rugged n raw

beeeeee on the lookout for a hot rare interview
with rugged and raw...

i was lucky enough to catch him late at night

breezing through the internet...

stay up with me...

he kicked it with me about up and coming
projects and then some..

dont miss it.....

muahhhhhhhh 2 the ladies

and what up 2 the fellas

alexie f


Monday, November 2, 2009

its over

u told me that there was nobody else
how do u think i felt
when i saw u with somebody else
my faith in u just started to melt
i blame myself cuz i was too blind to see
that u were lying
kept denying something was wrong
but u know as well as i do
that the love is all gone
who would have thought
that it would come down to all of this
a broken heart
and an ending kiss
i know that i have eyes and i can see
but i was soooo blind and u were much too kind
with the luv u were giving me
spending way too much time with all my friends
not knowing me the beginning of the end
for u....for me....for us
i pushed and pushed till i pushed u away
there's no turning back
as a mater of fact
it's the end of my better days
i never knew love like this
once again a broken heart
and an ending kiss

Saturday, October 31, 2009

what the fffffff

Oct 22 2009 11:53 PM

Bozzi Brazzi Babe

Oct 17 2009 10:22 AM

so where da hell is alexie f?
Y did he leve?
im not feelin dat email i got from the fan page!
dis betta be a j/k
or i aint checkin ur sho no mo

thanx 4 the interest on whats going on with me...

all question will be answered...

thank u so much 4 caring..


alexie f

formerly of the zro hour

Friday, October 30, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

what am i doing after the zro

whats up my peeps,,,,,i just set up my blog page,,,,so give me a minute to rock it......

news is coming soon

muahhhhhh 2 the ladies

and whats up 2 the fellas


new stuff coming soon