Friday, February 10, 2012


who do u know
who do u see
who do u luv
when all life's troubles,,,r 2 much

who do u call
who do u hug
who do u hold
when life beats u,,,down & ur feeling old

who do u text
who do u sex
who do u rub
when ur body just cant get enough,,,when ur body just says WTF

when ur really really really want 2,,,make luv
make luv
make luv

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Alexie F Supports the Endangered Species of FL

I am proud of this event. It was a very long process, But well worth it. My husband, Anthony Burks Sr. will be exhibiting as well as curating the show with me.

 Alexie F will be in the house down here in South Florida showing his support for this cause.  
Proceeds from art sales will be going to 3 charities. Busch Wildlife, The Marshall Foundation & the Loggerhead Marina.

For more information click HERE
If you wish to be a sponsor contact us HERE