Saturday, January 9, 2010

the intro to the godhead interview

i was introduced to this cat by my ex partner in crime edaye,,,for some wild reason big poppa up above keeps having me bump into this gent in clubs on trains etc etc...

i ran into 2 him at 3 am ish on my way back from the studio,,he was coming from a club,,,,,we were freezing our gems,,hahahahaahaha,,,when i thought it smart to ask him if i could have a sit down interview,,,he gladly accepted....

we had kept intouch 4 a minute but then we lost touch,,,,when he entered the earth zone again,,,,i found out that he lives not to far from me,,,,,hahahahahaha,,,how funny is that......

any hooooooooooo,,,,godhead is in the house,,,and the interview is gonna be cafe con leche trust that shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

thank u edaye 4 turning me on to such a talented brotha...............

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Birth of Afro Boy Pt III

This is the final part of the interview of this kooky, funny cat, Alexie F. After some serious thought I felt it made more sense to post part 3 of the interview in 2010; a new year, a fresh and free new start. To read the interview in its entirety click the links provided:

Trina: What one word best describes Alexie F? ONE WORD!

Alexie F: funny

Trina: Where did the name Afro Boy come from? (snicker)

Alexie F: fun question to answer,,,, i had a huge afro as a kid,,,,im a puerto rican child with my puerto rican mother who didn’t braid hair,,,,so the afro pick with the fist was my best friend,,,, i grew up w/this young lady who found me as an adult gave me that name when we were kids,,,, was born literally 30 yrs later

Trina: Do you have any pet peeves, personally or professionally?

Alexie F: my pet peeve,,,,,hmmmm

Trina: Yes something that annoys the devil out of you.

Alexie F: we are suppose to be in the business of entertainment & people have serious faces on,,,,,I HATE THAT SHIT!!!!!!!,,,,,people need to relax & not take themselves so damn seriously,,,,if u can’t get past ur personal shit,,,,then get out of the business,,,,it’s about the fans ,,,,we need 2 laugh more,,,,even in these times giving our fans a little hope can go a long way

Trina: Is there one song that defines you? Kind of like in I’m Gonna Git U Sucka; a theme song that would play in the background ?

Alexie F: (chuckling) baby I’m a star by prince

Trina: hahahahaha Gee big surprise there. Hahaha. Is there one person living or dead that you truly admire & why?

Alexie F: gary oldman,,,b/c every character he plays is totally different from the next,,,,,I LUV HIM!!! hahaha

Trina: When it is your time to transition to the next life, what do you want to be known for?

Alexie F: always being a person who looked around the corner for the next thing…..never stopping & found a way to make something out of nothing,,,,& was always laughing

Alexie F’s closing remarks:

the birth of afro boy was obviously a life long journey that is still on going,,,
2009 was great & painful all @ the same time,,I lost a partner who I respected & trusted,,i have a hard time being treated like im not a founding member of the zro hour,,which i am…my contributions were 2 many 2 mention…i have no hard feelings about not being part of the vision any more,,truth be told we are both leos, & anyone that knows that they don’t play well together...
he was alot more 2 me than a friend ,,,he is my brother ,,,& im not ashamed 2 say that,,,I got mad love 4 him, & always will…the decision 2 move on yet painful was very necessary for my journey,,again i have no regrets,,,i am down for where ever this crazy music thing takes me,,I have accepted that I AM AN ARTIST,,,and with that comes pain, struggle but in the end it was all worth it

Monday, January 4, 2010

i love u staxx

i know we are recovering from the holidays,,but if u get a chance,,,check out my girl in this play,,,muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,ur the best staxx,,,,call me back,,hahahahahah,,,inside joke..

natalie u are doper than drugs

woooooooow,,,what can i tell u about this woman....

she is truly an interesting soul,,,growing up on all types of music,,,this little lady has an opinion all her own,,,she speaks her mind with a beauty only god can sorry to say this but,,,2 know her is 2 love her,,,she has such a way to her ,,that u cant help but to hear what she has to say.....

her love is music,,,her passion is music,,,,her significant other is music......she lives and breathes this,,,,if u are lucky enough to meet her,,,bring ur chill pill,,,cuz shes as easy as sunday morning...........

check out what she does ,,and i will guarantee u wont be sorry.....

she has several tours that she is involved with......

more info 2 come very very soon.....

i hope everbody enjoyed the holidays,,i know i did....

peace to the fellas




this is going to be one of those crazy ole nights

i can say so much about this event,,,but i know how special it is,,,and i dont want to give anything urself a huge favor,,,and pop in on bklyn and see what i mean.....

public assembly.....

hasan salaams video realese party 4 the angel dust video

its a hiv/aids awareness event......dont miss it....

check hasan salaams page on facebook and get the funky details......why check hasans page u might be asking urself..

well the answer is simple,,,i want u to preview what u have 2 look 4ward to that night.......

peace to the fellas



the ladies