Friday, June 3, 2011

What the F#*% happened to Jodeci!!!!!

The title says it all. Those are the words that Alexie F asked me on this early Friday morning. These brothas were the Shhhh back in the late 80's & 90's. As Alexie sings all the joints for this  album over the I talk about the business connection w/ the group.  

Back in 1989 I worked a graphic design/image building company called , Rich, Butts &  Gittens:The Solution.  These talent guys created the corporate id, the iconic Uptown cat. 

Uptown MGMT/Uptown Records was under the MCA Record label which Jodeci was under. I remember back then when PUFFY (Sean Combs was called then) use to ride the train in from Howard University to work with them and get these country boys into a more gritty look for their fans. 

Yes.... haha Alexie F is still singing as I write this

& though the DeGrate brothers (Swing Brothers) & Hailey brothers went on to create some great    music separately, we cannot  forget jams like  Feenin, Freek' n You & Get on Up . Their songs  were the anthem of our 20's...OMG....great times

As Alexie F goes on to sing something new from another group (something he often  does) ...lolol. Click the titles of the songs and check out the vids.  

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The love of the feline

Many of you may not know, but Alexie F has a true endearment for cats. All cats big & small.  He came across a picture of one of my husband  Anthony Burks' pieces Panther 2 and asked about the subject.

 In explaining to him that we are hosting an Endangered Species of Florida art exhibition scheduled for March 2012, I explained to him that the Florida Panther is endangered. They only have two current natural predators, alligators and humans through poaching and wildlife control measures. Besides predation, the biggest threat to their survival is human encroachment. Historical persecution reduced this wide-ranging, large carnivore to a small area of south Florida.

Alexie F would like for you to help out by making a donation for Busch Wildlife Sanctuary to help with their development of the new panther habitat they are in desperate need of. 

If you want to purchase this piece, you buy it on Click link below the picture.

Thank you all for your support