Friday, April 23, 2010

when doves cry

woooooooow,,,i can tell u so many stories about what i was doing when i 1st heard this kool mother ffff,,,hahahahaha,,,at the time we all needed to have someone let us know it was okay to be a freak,,hahahahaha...and like a smack in the face  boooooom prince came on to the music scene belting out some amazing vocals....on his 1st album he played each and every instrument baby,,yeah yeah,,thats right,,he played them all,,,in his moms basement on a 4 track,,,well atleast thats how i heard the story...he had a koolness that at the time we all nedded to sexx our women,,he taught us what it was to eat out a women,,ooooops did i just type that,,hahahahaha,,yes i did,,,see what i mean,,,he made me a little fuckin the rock n roll hall of fame 2wice ,,1 for the revolution material,,and the other,just himself....please sitback and enjoy what i grew up listening 2.............freak on my children.....

 peace to the fellas

 muah to the ladies