Saturday, May 22, 2010

i love u janis

i love u Janis,,,in so many freaking ways...the 1st time i heard Ur voice i was a little brat giving my mom the hardest of times....u lift me,,,u inspire me,,u rocked me and still do.....from port Arthur Texas,,,she was always considered an outcast,,,not really fitting in to any clicks in school,,,so so different,,but she is a role model to any artist that struggles with acceptance,,,but their will never be that,,know that u will now and 4 ever stand alone in Ur uniqueness,,but that's not a bad thing,,it is something to be celebrated.....hats off to all the artist who survive,,not in the world,but in Ur mind.....push 4 ward and don't stop,,sit back and let Janis prove to u that being different should be received not pushed away....

 love u always Janis,,u fucking rocked the shit out of me...

 peace to the fellas
 muahhh to the ladies

 oh and another thing,,her voice is unlike any other,,,you have been warned.................

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Great Race by Raymond Burks

Alexie asked me to post this painting by my son, Raymond because he really likes it & he found it to be freeing. It is presently listed on e-bay & has a bid on it. He (Raymond) is very excited about the amount of hits on the site.  Alexie(an avid art collector) has been very supportive of the Burks family & our art. So I am grateful he wanted his fans to take a look at this. 

Inspired by Harlem Renassaince artist Jacob Lawrence's The Runner, Raymond Burks (offspring of artist Anthony Burks Sr & artist/author Trina Slade-Burks) created the Great Race. The image was created for sorority Delta Sigma Theta's Salute to the Harlem Renasaince in 2009.

Raymond has sold other art. He raised money for his school St. Juliana back in 2008 selling his first piece of art work. He has also exhibited art at the Norton Museum of Art in 2009.

Raymond will be attending Suncoast Community High School in the fall, which ranked #7 in the country & #1 in the State of Florida.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank you to Waterloo, Ontario

Alexie F. wants to send out a special shout out to the folks in Ontario, Canada.  Thank you for the love you show on a weekly basis.....please keep coming back.