Friday, August 6, 2010

the godfather

eric daye

u r so many things 2 me,,, u r responsible 4 bringing out the thing in me that was always there,,, but took the right person 2 bring it out

thru the good thru the bad thru the ugly,,,,we created an incredible show, that will always be remembered as one of the greatest, independent hip hop shows ever

when u came up w/the idea 2 start podcasting,,,,very few were doing it @ that time,,,lol,,,,I always knew that u had incredible vision,,,,but I had 2 make u realize that 2,,,& so I did,,,,,I remember the 1st conversation we had about doing something musically,,,,but we had 2 figure out what that was,,,, the idea of doing pirate radio seem to come from out of the sky,,,,that was something that u always wanted 2 do,,u tried do it in the past but it was the right time,,,,,had it not been for the village voice ,,,lol ,,, us crazy leos would have never formed like vultron,,,,,u opened up a world 2 me, that I use to dream about looking out of my project window,,,,edaye is not just about hip hop oh no,,,,he is a martial arts junkie that will challenge u fact 4 fact if u dare,,,,,,theres so many things I can say about this man,,,but we don’t have that much time,,, & I don’t have that many tears

the blog that u have been so gracious enough 2 come & check,,,,& I mean afro boy of coarse…lol would not have been possible if this brother would have not shown me the way

so on this joyous day,,,that is a leo’s birthday i say,,,,happy birthday eric daye,,,my brother,,,,my teacher,,,my compadre,,,happy birthday