Friday, February 26, 2010

pt III "the women"the trina slade interviews by alexie figueroa

as a women,,how many hats do u wear??I wear many hats. Mother, wife, lover, friend, artist, business woman, confidant, coordinator, activist some easier than others..does ur sexuality show in your work??? I wouldn’t think so but maybe my smile might indicate something differently. However, professionally, I don’t think it would be appropriate. Everything I have done businesswise, sex has NEVER been the way I have obtained my positions. ( Ooops pardon the pun) it hard being a artistic women???No it isn’t not hard. It has been part of my life forever. But, if you ask me is it hard for others to understand…I would say a big YES to that..what feautures do you have of your mother???Wow…. I have prematurely grayed like her (and my sons’ have too thanks to me & Anthony)…. I have her height…..her tiny hands, her big legs, thighs & hips. All thanks to Shirley... whats your favorite color??? Orange is my favorite…but I also like earth you attach yourself emotionally to ur work???Very often yes. I want things to be perfect…..I have stayed @ jobs that I hate to make sure that things run smoothly. That’s the perfectionist in u ever miss works that u have sold???yes..which ones???The only one I miss is the surreal self portrait. But I am glad that it is owned by someone who appreciates it. So like Ant told me to do….I let it go. have u ever tried to buy back your own work???NO, I don’t believe in that. Once it is gone that’s it. I know many artists who have though. That’s tacky to me…but whatever.are u a sneakers and jeans type of girl???Yes I am…but I do like to dress up once in a while. I was a tom boy growing up….why….to be around boys….so I dressed comfortable. But I love my strappy & wedge sandals, spaghetti strap tops & cute skirts too…did u play double dutch as a child???NO I sucked at double-dutch…….I was double handed & uncoordinated. A girl from the neighborhood named Debra tried to show me but there was no hope for my uncoordinated self.whats your favorite wine???White wine…..Riesling...whats the 1st verse of your favorite song???Baby, baby, baby, what’s it gonna be.Baby, baby, baby
is it him or is it me?do u like flowers???Yes, Orchids are my favorite…I like roses too. But they die too fast...can u do the dance steps to thriller???.. Hahahahahahah……..kinda …….but I won’t though...have u ever cried while finishing some art work??? u struggle just to be u???I can only be me… whether I struggle or not I have to deal w/it in the end and handle me the best way I can...whats ur favorite candy???Gummy many times have u watched the sun come up???Probably 4 or 5 where I truly paid attention...who is trina??? Trina is a passionate, complexed individual who stands by her convictions and wears her heart on her sleeve. The Gemini in her often interferes w/ her making immediate decisions because she can see both points of view on topics. She loves deeply almost to a fault. She is extremely stubborn and stands her ground when she knows that she has been wronged. Because her heart has been broken so many times, she has a hard time trusting people and is often suspicious until she gets to know individuals. She fights for the people she loves &; connects people who she feels can serve a purpose in another’s life; whether it is in friendship, business or other types of relationships. She feels that there is a true reason why we are somehow all connected..Ending Remarks: First I want to thank Alexie for giving me an opportunity to share a little bit of my story. My role in this is often to shed light on the artists I serve and rarely expose anything about me. I want to thank those who have believed in me enough to help them get their artist selves back into the game. I want to thank my Family for putting up w/the struggles and for loving me as I am. My family isn’t just related in blood, they are related in spirit. Folks, all I can just say at this point… your true self. Don’t let individuals change your personality, beliefs and worth. Strive to your fullest potential…and don’t be complacent .

it has been a great joy to bring u the life and times of miss trina slade......peace to the ladies................muahhhhhhh to the ladies

 alexie f