Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 years & still hittin'.....

Warpaint is a 2008 album by blues-rock band The Black Crowes. Released on March 3, 2008

In 2008 Alexie had been talking about the release of the Black Crowes new CD. He talked me to death about it to the point that I was now looking forward to it. As soon as if dropped I was on Amazon ordering my CD assuming that he being, in the big city would just go down town & pick up a copy.  Well I didn't realize that  like here in Florida, record stores (yes I said record, so yes I am dating myself) we closing left & right.  So in July 2008 Alexie F got a copy of Warpaint via yours truly for his birthday.

Hot CD for those who are into Black Crowes or just Blues-Rock in general.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We're going back......BACK INTO TIME

Here are some of the talented artists that Alexie F. & us with the Afro Boy Team support.
*5th Column
*Point Dot Period

Note: Alexie had the pleasure of being on the set during some of the filming of this vid.

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On Hiatus...............Where you At

Well although Afro Boy's Alexie F is on vacation, that doesn't mean he is not working. He has been busy working on several projects TBA....He is sorry that he has been offline. But he has not forgotten about you all. You know how he feels about his fans.

He just recently made a rare appearance @ the Highline Ballroom for the Black August Hip Hop concert a couple of weeks ago in support many underground hip hop artists including Hasan Salaam & Rugged n Raw of the 5th Column camp performing tracks from Mohammad Dangerfield. They also released their video BBQ Joint, that Alexie F. has a cameo in. This vid has already received over 2000+ hits on youtube since it's release a couple weeks ago. Check out what people have titled "the Summertime Jam for 2010"