Wednesday, March 24, 2010

where did the love go????????

wooooooooooooow,,,,this incredibly gifted individual kicked me in the face with his voice when i heard the track he did with another 1 of my favs (Cherrelle)with a track called saturday love,,,it is a duet that if u dont know about it,,,shame on u 4 real....I felt the need to do this post because R&b is dying in our hearts,,,,we 4 got how to love our women,,we 4 got how to talk to our women,,we 4 got how to simply talk to a women.....It seems to me that the feelings that we have in our hearts and minds about a women is to embarrasing to mention...that is indeed a sad state of affairs...I  grew up with 3 lovely sisters and they taught me alot about treating a women.....A corny ass poem from time to time,,holding hands,walking in the rain,slow dancing in ur fucking living room to the song that was on that made u ask her to dance in the club,,,whatever whatever.....WE all have our issues,,lord know im not perfect,,by any stretch of the imagination,,but i like to think that love is alive in our hearts,,,if ur on this page right now,,,then ur listening to some funky ass jams that i picked out,,i hope u like em baby...............theres so much i can say about this cat like,,,he once was in a group called (flyte time),,which also included(jimmy jam and terry lewis)he was also in the group (the time) 4 a minute,,,,fall in love again,,before its to late or she leaves ur ass for not taking the time to understand her buddy......

peace to the fellas
 muahhhhhhhh to the ladies