Friday, June 23, 2023

Clear touch text interview

Clear touch was just always that group that when you heard them in the club they just stood out among so many groups in the 80s .
Freestyle music /Latin hip hop has gone through a lot of changes and so these guys are on a mission to bring back the tu tu koo tat
Tu tu tu ku

tat tat beat back into the game …
Ladies and gents after a well deserved break from the game I bring you clear touch 


Question # 1

Tell me the story behind the group name ..

The name just came out of nowhere, we were looking for names and Clear Touch was mentioned and we all agreed 

Koool kooool …

Question # 2 

Where did the idea for surrender come from ??
Cuz I know you have a writers credit on the album , did all 3 of you contribute 
To the creative process ??

Surrender the Idea was created by Angel Solis, then he came to us and us 3 wrote the final song. 
it was based on a Girl that we really wanted to be with 


True story ??
Or fictional??

True to each of us ;) 

Question 🎼# 3 

How did the mic Mac records deal come to be ? 

We were in Charlie Babies Studio Recording Surrender your love Demo and on that day Nelson Cruz walked in heard the song, he immediately called Mickey Garcia , he played it over the phone and Mickey said, bring them to the office on Monday. And the rest is history ;)

Amen 2 that 

Question # 4 

Tell the story of how it felt to see
Your song 🎵 on wax , to radio to performing it ….

It was amazing, the 1st time we heard it, it was on Hot - 97 Debut Hot or Not and we received a 97% Hot 
We then received copies of our songs on Vinyl & Cassette lol
Which we framed immediately
Our 1st show was incredible and all the other shows after that was incredible with all the Fans and the Love that they had for us, Amazing Feeling. 

Question # 5 

Throughout the years unless I’ve been looking in 
The wrong places I haven’t seen much of 
Clear Touch, what’s going on ? 

The Fact that we were Black Listed in the Industry for whatever reason put a bad taste in our mouths so we went on a Hiatus ;) 

Wooow , that’s truly a shame because you had 3 recordings that were a great display of your talent 

Question #6
Who’s idea was it to re do cherish ???


Angel always liked that Song so he brought the idea and we all agreed to Remix it 

Very niceeee
Question # 7 
I’ve been seeing pressance of clear touch on social media , what have you guys been up to 
These days ???

We finally decided to release a New Single called ( I Know ) and since its been getting a great buzz we decided to return and perform, so we’ve been performing lately and have more shows lining up. 

Congratulations 🎊🎉🍾 question #8
The freestyle aka 
Latin hip hop music 🎵 as of late ⏰ in my opinion hasn’t really been able 
To evolve in a direction that it should , what do you think happened ????
Or do you think 
I’m not accurate 
In what I’m asking ???

Thank you 
you have promoters booking the same acts over and over and over and over well you get it, of course the Black list of Artist, promoters are fighting with other promoters, DJ’s fighting with other Dj’s Artist dissing other Artist. then you dont have Artist collaborating with other Artist and supporting each other ( like hip-hop & Reaggatton ) 
Its one for self instead of working together and helping the Genre grow. 
Oh and Not Making Music Videos also killed the Genre.

Question # 9 
How would you describe your new single compared to the stuff that’s out now ??

Stuff thats out now is more towards creating that New Freestyle sound, we however kept that Old Skool Sound but with a bit of New ;) 

True true , I heard that from the track you sent me ….

Question # 10 

What made you say yes to this interview , and do you have 
Any other 🎵 songs your working on ??

We are Promoting The Brand again so we need all the press we can get, plus you are about reveal the Truth about the Freestyle Industry so couldnt pass on this. 

We have another song idea but nothing solid as of yet. 

Gotcha ..

Any last words for the freestyle fans ??

We want to say Thank you Freestyle Fans for all the love and support you’ve given us and still are giving us through all these years, we appreciate you all. …

Now let’s get down to it , the new song 
From ( clear touch )