Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy 8th Year Anniversary to the Zro Hour

When I reconnected w/this cat in Aug. 29, 2007  on Myspace...I had no idea of all his going ons since we were kids.....he sent me a link  to his biz page...THE ZRO HOUR!!! After his persistence in me checking out this hip hop radio show...Once I heard it I was sold.

It's funny how you knew people of your past but really don't know them. This dude was 2 buildings down in the Marble Hill Project & I had no idea how much we had in common...especially where music love were concerned.

the first show I ever heard was his interviews w/Sandy La Loba & El Mexicano....I was like "WOOORDDD!!!, it's like that." I was very impressed & immediately started sharing the link to the show.

The next show I listened to was their interview with a very talented sistah Nuccome, someone who Alexie discovered on the D train in NYC playing her guitar...I later found out  that this was Alexie's 1st directed show for Zro. Nuccome was also the first interview of the show.

Another great show that is probably by far the fave of all races, cultures...NYers..the still heavily listened to The Boricua Pride Show. One does not have to be Boricua to appreciate this Alexie F production. Eric chose the music..This collaboration of brilliance to date is a show that many of even my friends still talk about.

Another person (or icon) Alexie introduced to Zro was a larger than life cat called MONSTER ...a masked, 7'+ dude who spits fire like No other. 

Alexie would always tell me of the next taping of a show & I would be so excited.  He had produced & co-produced several other shows including the Rock N Roll Show

Though in 2010 these two went on to do their own projects, no one can deny, as a duo Edaye & Alexie F put out some great work....They were the first to podcast on the internet when many didn't even understand the word PODCASTING. 

There are talks of this dynamic duo potentially working on a project together.
I know that many of their fans would love to see that collaboration. 

Alexie now has his own show.  Great entertainment from a very passionate dude.

Well with all that being said I want to wish Alexie & Eric a happy 8th anniversary for the creation of a great contribution to Hip Hop & music as a whole.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Anniversary !!!!- 2us- 2FACED

Well today is the one year anniversary for our book signing in NYC @ Salud. Sadly our favorite spot in Yonkers has recently sold... but Sal Abbatiello & Prophet still are doing their thing. 

W/ Alexie F  now back on radio you will being hearing great live stuff in reference to Afro Boy & A.T.B Fine Artists & Designers LLC.

TO celebrate our anniversary, when you order a copy of 2Faced: The Devil's Advocate you will get a 15% of f your purchase by using the coupon code BOOKSHOW15OFF when you check out.

Thank you always for supporting us.