Saturday, June 2, 2012


Publicity Photography by Nadine Lorenzi

 Well it's almost that time again...the tradition continues...Born from an idea Alexie F. had when he was co-hosting w/then partner Edaye on the Zro Hour, an online hip hop radio show.... the Boricua Pride Show .  This by far has been the most popular show. People still talk about the show.  So Alexie felt.. why not continue the party?

In thinking about a co-host for this particular show....  He didn't have to look very far. Fellow Marble Hilian..a Boricua herself....not a novice to the online Radio scene Nadine Lorenzi a.k.a Bronx Bettie...has been doing her thang in her own right.. I have been a fan for a minute.

This is gonna be fire in the making.....Can't wait to hear these two funny azz folks do it up 2012 style.....Stay tuned.. Alexie will be announcing the air time shortly.. 

In the mean time check out his previous shows. He made ...70 shows so far & has over 1000 hits.  Congrats 2 him for that feat. Good luck for the next one.