Wednesday, November 25, 2009

biggie took it wit em

we were the kings of this rap shit,,,belive it or not we still the mother fucking shit

yes props not ever mentioned to my pioneering menz who did it over and over again

many eat from the shit that we started,,u never mention us are u retarded

we gave u ur bank account,,,ur hummer,,,ur jeeps and ur women

but not even a plug despite the mansion that i saw u in

but that kool u can eat i can eat we can eat all together

just keep in mind where it started and probably where its ending...

so enjoy ur fame and whatever simple shit ur wanna care to mention

this aint a diss this aint a slap its a history lesson.......

top 10 peeps who are keeping it real

1,hasan salaam

2,rugged n raw





7,randy mason


9, j hon

10,mike swift

mike swift u did something for me a while ago and i will never ever 4 get it,,remind

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