Wednesday, February 3, 2010

pt I the trina slade interviews by alexie figueroa

What is My Priority? Alexie F's poem featured on page 67. Illustration of Alexie F on page 51.

$what is ur priority as a bizzness women???
* 4 many to understand,respect and appreciate the true worth of the arts as a whole,and to be able 2 help artist 2 do more than just survive from their craft....

how long have u been fighting 4 artist??? It started when I was fighting for Anthony’s artistic integrity here in Palm Beach County Florida. I thought initially that it was a racial thing as to why he was not getting any recognition with his art. . As I started meeting artists of different races, sexes, & locations I realized that it was a cultural issue that needed to be fought for. Approximately, 1996 was when I can say I was officially deemed an art activist.specificly,,,what services do u provide???I provide venues for artists to display their work; consult w/them regarding what their legal rights are as an artist; offer corporate identity packages (many artists do not realize that it is essential that they have leave behinds for potential clients) ; sell and promote for artists. I also help artist find potential business ops that they would normally not come in contact w/. Many artists I have worked w/ literally have put their art work on the back burner and I have helped them re-identify themselves as an it difficult dealing with artist being that u are one???Sometimes it is. I have to take off my artistic hat sometimes to get my point across my business point of view as well as view things more objectively and less emotionally. I am friends with many of my artists & business colleagues and sometimes they are not comfortable dealing w/ me when I am very serious. Often they will go to Anthony Burks (my husband)in the hopes that they think he will soften the blow. That possibly he is the more easy going one of the two of us.being from newyork,do u find that theres more appreciation for art outside of the city or less??? I find that here in Palm Beach County, they accept outside artists (different States, different countries etc….) rather than us in their own backyard. Areas such as Ft Lauderdale (where I went to school) Miami, Orlando and even Sarasota all have a way better appreciation for art. There is a true lack of understanding of art culture as a whole down here. And this is a very wealthy community who can afford to support it. But it is also transient, meaning they stay briefly then leave. After the death of Attorney Robert Montgomery (who was a huge support of the arts in Palm Beach County) & the Bernard Madoff scandal (many supporters of art lost money) the support little support of art that did exist in this town crumbled.someone that loves art but doesnt really know what to to look 4,what do you tell them???Observe different contemporary artists, student artists; go to museums & galleries and just absorb it all. You have to feel what you love in the art you are looking for.where do u display your art 4 show???At present we are managing a spot called Artspace 408 in the Village in WPB. We also often host art events @ our home or in others homes upon request which allows people to incorporate charities to the events. And when I go home to NYC, I often hosts meet & greet type events that also include art & poetry. I am in the process of bringing Collaboration (which is an art event my husband & I developed here in FL) up to Atlanta & NYC very soon.whats the weirdest question you have been asked from someone looking to purchase art???One of my artists uses her nude body & charcoal to create her work & often there are people who want us to host a live demo of her working on her many artist do u deal with at the present time??? At present I work w/ 6 artists. But I counsel about 8 other artists. I am about to take on a few new contracts for Collaboration online where I will be selling art for the artists via the internet. The first show I ever officially curated, I had 15 artists. (Collaboration July 2008)do you just deal with artist that paint???No. I work also with artists of many different disciplines such as, sculptures, ceramicists, photographers, fiber artists, leather crafters, people who draw, jewelry designers, web designers & even poets and writerswhat inspires you to do bizzness???Art is my life. It was meant to be. I have always incorporated art or something creative in every job I have ever had. Whether I am teaching it, promoting it, selling it or creating it is always going to be part of my life.if someone was deciding to do bizzness with you,what are the things they should know about you??? That I am very serious and passionate about what I do. My reputation as to how I handle business is very important. I never want anyone to question my integrity. I respect everyone I work w/ & demand that same level of you feel that you are making a difference in what you are doing in art???I feel I am. Many artists who dismissed their art as spare time work are now grateful to get back on the scene. They have thanked me for their experiences. Many customers have also thanked me for introducing them to an artists as well. So I feel my position in this has been a positive one. art can be expensive,are their any accomadations you offer to someone that falls in love with a piece of art???With the artists’ agreement of course, if the piece of art is pricy, we do offer discounts and or payment plans. We also allow people to sell art for us and earn a commission and apply that to their art purchase.whats the most expensive piece of art you handle??? The most expensive one was called the Siren by Norman Gitzen. The original 10’ tall sculpture is actually a prototype & is not for sale. But is quoted I believe at $100,000 for commission. It appeared in Playboy magazine a few years ago. It is a huge mermaid with very large breasts & is amazing to see in person. The next one that I am handling now is a piece by Anthony Burks called The Hunt which is priced @ $20,000. The piece is all in color pencil & it is of hunters & African animals. The representation is the circle of life. The value is about to go up again because Anthony no longer works in solely color pencil because it became tedious on his hands. So since back in the 90’s he was known as a color pencil artist the value of his art in strictly color pencil has go up. I have handled others priced in between; however these are the two that stand out to you have a favorite???There is a piece that I love by Alvaros Rojas called Springtime in the Cityis their anyone asside from yourself ,are their any artist in your family???My mother Shirley Slade was an artist, my great uncle, Charles Ward was a photographer, My great aunt ( forgot her name) was a painter, my uncle Brad Liddie is an airbrush artist, & my husband Anthony is a mixed media artist. You can see my mother’s, my Great uncle’s, Anthony’s & my work in my book “What is My Priority? “ what are your bizzness goals for the year???I am still teaching students art & cooking. My company A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers collaborated w/ Center for Creative Education to manage an art spot called Artspace 408 in the Village. I am working w/ my former boss Norman Rich thru his company Lighthouse Strategic Group on a Collaboration artists' website. I am taking on several artists for that project. I am still promoting Anthony’s work. I am working on my second book of poetry & art. And I am working & assisting a close friend of mind with his entertainment business including his you just paint and sketch???No. I also write poetry. But I kept that part of my life a secret for a very long time. I self published my first book (What is My Priority?) in June 2009. any ending remarks,any words of encouragement to artist??? Never ever give up on your craft. It is a God given gift that is meant to be shared. Never let anyone stifle your talent. Not even yourself. $