Friday, June 4, 2010

puertorican pride 4 ever

I'm proud to be puertorican, and one crazy night,,myself  and my former zro hour com padre was on the phone chatting about future shows to do.....well it had occurred to me that the puertorican parade was coming soon to the city,,,,and it would be great to do a puertorican pride show,,lol,,,all i heard after that was a dial tone,,why u wonder,,hahahahahaha,,,,cuz he stayed up half the night picking songs for it.......I'm proud to say that this is truly without a doubt in my mind one of the best shows we have ever done.....i was super animated, and as my former partner stated a few years back,,,hahahahaha,,i spazzzzzzzed out on please click on the links and enjoy...Que viva puerto ricooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


  1. Though I'm not born of Puerto Rican descent....being raised in a predominantly PR culture was part of my life. One of my best friends mother taught me so much about the a point that I cook better than her daughter. She was not going to let me get married w/out knowing the basics to making a great Pernil or Arroz con Gandules....& my husband is from the South...hahahaha

    Hearing this Boricua Pride show for the first time brought me back to NYC from WPB ,FL.

    Though itisn't my is truly my culture......NYC forever....Wepa!!!

  2. thank u stela,,keep coming through,,i will keep the light on.......

    thank u tri tri,,,always appreciated...

  3. It was really a pleasure listening to the music. Made me feel as if I was in Puerto Rico with my sons. Thank you!

  4. thank u 4 checking in,,,and im glad u felt the flavor of the island vernita,,ur comment is apppreciated..