Friday, July 2, 2010

rock out baby

hey everybody,,,i apologize 4 last week if u were looking 4 a new post from me,,the interview that i did with a well known artist had to be redone,,but its all good,,i will bring that 2 ya soon,,,lol
 this band has been one of my faves since they came out in the early 90ssss....front man Scott weiland is one of the premiere names in grunge music,,,if ur gonna be telling the tale that has to be told,,,but we wont get into a grunge match right now,,,,i want to focus on this great Cali band....their debut album core,,which was released at a time when,,Nirvana,pearl jam,and sound garden were on top of the game,stone temple pilots offered a bit more then u would imagine at the time..every track off the 1st album kicks ass......i want u to go out and search this 4 urself,,,so please don't expect much facts from me on them,,,everybody has their own pace in which they choose to research bands,,but stone temple rocks till this day....they have a new album out,,and u need to go and cop that.........I've put together a bunch of there stuff so u can hear what I'm typing,,,,rock out and rock on.....

 peace to the fellas
 muahhhhhhhhhhhhh to the ladies


  1. yes cardoza but u rock to baby.....dont be a stranger and check in from time to time,,,we will leave the light on,,lol....


  2. thanxxxx stela,,,,keep coming,,i will leave the light

  3. STP..FUGGIN ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!