Sunday, January 2, 2011

behind the poems of trina slade-burks

The idea of 2Faced was about me being able to understand how another individual is feeling, by going through the similar emotions. So many people have felt comfortable telling me their inner most feelings.  In listening to them I was able to draw from their experiences and sometimes even seeing the opposing side to the situation.

I have a few friends who, like me suffer from depression. Many are artists such as myself.  We who fight this illness are often asked why we feel this way & can’t we shake it off. Like this is a feeling we chose to live with.  Many times we have to make a conscious decision, though sometime dangerous, to fight through the struggle alone. It is something we can’t always explain, and we at times are made to feel guilty for how we feel.  But when one goes through it, it is the hardest & most painful thing to get through.

No More Excuses
How many times have we been promised that someone was going to do something for us, but never follow through? Go to a dance recital? Pay us money owed? Meet for lunch? This has happened to me all of my life, since I was very young. But I just blew it off & dismissed it like it wasn’t a big deal. It actually is a big deal, to the one that promises have been broken. One day I overheard a teenage girl say to someone on the other end of her cell phone … “do me a favor, stop apologizing, because you are just going to continue doing it anyway. Your apologies are just hollow now.“ WOW…HOLLOW…How many times are we going to tell someone that we promise we will do it next time. What if there is no next time?

What friends are for
A friend of mind asks me, have I ever cut a friend off before.  I told her “If I cut them off they weren’t a friend in the first place.” I said that because anyone who knows me well knows that my friends are truly my family.
 There was a person I knew for years. We were very close….Did everything together. She was also a friend to other close friends of mind. But she had a problem…she like connecting with her friends boyfriends. This happened for years.  & I was always put in the middle. I would watch it all unfold. She would cry victim & I would sympathize, but yet she would continue to stab her friends in the back… She would apologize to me for the act….but continue to do it.  Finally I couldn’t take it anymore… & I cut her loose.  I mourned the friendship but celebrated the emancipation of the deceit.


This is about the first time someone hears that the one they love, loves them back. When one, never thought in a million years, that those words from that individual would ever come true. It was a hope & a prayer…but never a reality.  And then they say it and you’re like “Did I hear that?  Did he mean that? Something so incredibly simple to some…is the world to others.

 More to me
A home girl I know was making an attempt to reconnect with an old flame.  The problem was…what broke them up in the first place.  She was holding on to that past. & not giving him the opportunity to show her he is a changed man. I know this too well. When it happened to them, I thought about my severe lack of trust in people because of what they did to me in my past.  I thought about how she felt because I have felt that way all the time. But for the first time, I thought about how he could be feeling. Maybe he felt bad about what he caused her, but was too macho to admit it.  Maybe he knew he was wrong, but was too afraid of the rejection he may get from her for his actions. Maybe he really didn’t know how bad he hurt her to begin with. It didn’t work for them..& I thought to myself. With a little more communication, I wonder if it would have worked out.

I didn’t know I loved you
This is about a little girl who didn’t understand what all those weird feelings she was experiencing. Adults told her it was puppy love. Some told her it was growing pains. One even told her it was the flu. Years later when she actually fell in love and started life in an adult world…. She looked back on that & realized that all those weird feelings she was experiencing. Was love.  But she was too young to understand. And it was too late.................................................

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