Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What Afro Boy means to me~Tri Tri

When this entity was considered ...I was honored because It was a concept that came from a childhood nickname. As mentioned before,Alexie was a boy two buildings up from mine. I met him @ the age of 12... he was 13 w/a huge afro. Hair always in tact. The name represents to me nostalgia....The 70's basically. A simpler time. 

 Alexie Figueroa was a dude who  was a easy guy to talk to even back then. So oddly enough, Afro Boy resurfaced 29 years an intimate book signing in Yonkers. A reincarnation of a man who had a passion for music, his culture...his roots from Marble Hill Projects. 

 Who would have thought that in this short time developing this concept that AF has a corporate identity, written many songs, been published in 3 books, interviewed music legends, has a lingerie line & a t-shirt merch line & has his own radio show... Freakin all in three years...REALLY?? people have done less in 10 years. Not to mention that he is a rep for my art company A.T.B......&  he is a great dad to some awesome sons. 

 What is in store?.. the world is his oyster. So many things to look forward to.. Like him.. I don't want to jinx anything....but my boy is an artist....and like all artists we are all temperamental & superstitious with our visions. We need to celebrate all he has done so far ..and support the present & encourage the future. 

Taking an artistic talent for granted is not an option. Afro Boy is 3years old on the October 29th. Respect the visionary...Cuz he deserves it.


  1. thank u glad u found me......very special words 2 me,,,,what ireally needed...muaahhh