Tuesday, January 29, 2013


What up Jon! 

 From me & my asst. Trina Slade-Burks, we would like thank you for allowing us to be in the jonbworld.com launch. 

 Alexie F:What can your fans expect on this new release?

Jon B: Expect to hear a diverse mixture of classic records of mine from over the last ten years. These are 23 select joints that were never included on any of my previous albums; I felt were special enough to share with my fans. 

 Alexie F:23 joints!!!!! (Slang for songs) Wow! This is the most you have ever put on one album. What inspired you to do that? 

Jon B: Now that I have my own label Vibezelect Inc. I feel that is more important to show the overall creativity that goes into the making of one my albums. I think this shows my diversity as an artist.

Alexie F: Comfortable Swag was released 2012,,,B-side Collection ,2013,,,,Are you planning to release something every year? 

IJon B: think I will continue the release of my projects based off how I feel a project is coming along. If the next album takes longer so be it. Just know that there are no longer any other chefs in the kitchen besides myself making it take any longer than needed. 

 Alexie F:The 1st time I listened to your song Quality Time, I was actually going thru the exact same thing in my relationship,,,,,& it brought an incredible amount of comfort to me.. How does it feel when your fans tell you that you move them w/your music? 

Jon B: I will say a record has two lives. The life of the original experience that was lived that influenced the record but also the effect the record has on the lives lived by the people that hear it and love it. In every instance that is incredible. 

 Alexie F:Your music seems to adapt with the times, yet still maintaining that Jon B original feel. Does your eclectic taste in music have anything to do with that? 

Jon B: I will always continue to show my diversity with music, as well as my take on what’s happening musically at the time. I feel there are so many sides of myself to share with world why not? I'd like to keep the world guessing when it comes to what I'll do next.... 

Alexie F: I like the color scheme of the album,,, the burgundies & dark colors. Who’s idea was that? 

Jon B: It just so happened that the burgundy background as well as the other backgrounds were just randomly there in the photo studio and we made it work. I think it has a sensual mood to it .I have always liked the color burgundy and the stripes are very 80's rock. 

 Alexie F:Should we be expecting any new videos coming from the new album? 

Jon B: I am working on a new New album right now actually. I feel b sides’ episode is done and I'm very happy to have released it just to share all this great music through the years

 Alexie F:You are in the business of writing about love. What does love mean to you?

Jon B: Love means holding on to what means the most to you with a sense of protection and devotion. 

 Alexie F:Do you have a personal favorite song off the album? 

Jon B:  Pure Love. 

 Alexie F: Do you think your daughter is going to follow in her daddy’s footsteps musically? 

Jon B:I hope so she's very musical naturally already. 

 I want to take this time once again, to thank you & your wife for always allowing me to get a quick word in w/you. Hug & kiss the little one for me.

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