Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Birth of Afro Boy Pt III

This is the final part of the interview of this kooky, funny cat, Alexie F. After some serious thought I felt it made more sense to post part 3 of the interview in 2010; a new year, a fresh and free new start. To read the interview in its entirety click the links provided:

Trina: What one word best describes Alexie F? ONE WORD!

Alexie F: funny

Trina: Where did the name Afro Boy come from? (snicker)

Alexie F: fun question to answer,,,, i had a huge afro as a kid,,,,im a puerto rican child with my puerto rican mother who didn’t braid hair,,,,so the afro pick with the fist was my best friend,,,, i grew up w/this young lady who found me as an adult gave me that name when we were kids,,,,alexief.blogspot.com was born literally 30 yrs later

Trina: Do you have any pet peeves, personally or professionally?

Alexie F: my pet peeve,,,,,hmmmm

Trina: Yes something that annoys the devil out of you.

Alexie F: we are suppose to be in the business of entertainment & people have serious faces on,,,,,I HATE THAT SHIT!!!!!!!,,,,,people need to relax & not take themselves so damn seriously,,,,if u can’t get past ur personal shit,,,,then get out of the business,,,,it’s about the fans ,,,,we need 2 laugh more,,,,even in these times giving our fans a little hope can go a long way

Trina: Is there one song that defines you? Kind of like in I’m Gonna Git U Sucka; a theme song that would play in the background ?

Alexie F: (chuckling) baby I’m a star by prince

Trina: hahahahaha Gee big surprise there. Hahaha. Is there one person living or dead that you truly admire & why?

Alexie F: gary oldman,,,b/c every character he plays is totally different from the next,,,,,I LUV HIM!!! hahaha

Trina: When it is your time to transition to the next life, what do you want to be known for?

Alexie F: always being a person who looked around the corner for the next thing…..never stopping & found a way to make something out of nothing,,,,& was always laughing

Alexie F’s closing remarks:

the birth of afro boy was obviously a life long journey that is still on going,,,
2009 was great & painful all @ the same time,,I lost a partner who I respected & trusted,,i have a hard time being treated like im not a founding member of the zro hour,,which i am…my contributions were 2 many 2 mention…i have no hard feelings about not being part of the vision any more,,truth be told we are both leos, & anyone that knows that they don’t play well together...
he was alot more 2 me than a friend ,,,he is my brother ,,,& im not ashamed 2 say that,,,I got mad love 4 him, & always will…the decision 2 move on yet painful was very necessary for my journey,,again i have no regrets,,,i am down for where ever this crazy music thing takes me,,I have accepted that I AM AN ARTIST,,,and with that comes pain, struggle but in the end it was all worth it


  1. You are a founding member, I will never front on that. I do wish you much success with your blog and your projects. I want you to be the best and do the best to meet your potential. Music runs too deep in our blood and nothing will ever kill that.

  2. i love u 2,,,,,,and we have to have a pow wow,,but i think u already know that....

    the rest is close to the vest,,but i think u know that 2

  3. It is amazing to witness a person's Transformation... especially one from childhood to man. Though, I may not have bared witness... through your Truth & History... & Trina's skill... it has been brought to light. Thank you, Alexie... for sharing a Real & Inspiring story... Your Story! ~Heidi

  4. Thank you Heidi...It was fun....I have known this man practically all my life. We lost a lot of time in years, but learning about him and going backwards in time, re-establishing this connection I am proud to call him a true friend. Once again. Thank you always for your support.

  5. OH & Alexie....you know I love the suit right:)

  6. hahahahahahaha,,,oh u like,,muahhhhhhhh

    thank u babe...

  7. never settle for less..keep doing what keeps u happy :-)