Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well.  A lot is going on in the world of Afro Boy…. So I managed to get Alexie F to slow down for a few minutes & give a little info as to what to expect from him soon.

Diz-E Image: When things get hectic in your day to day life, do you find that it pushes you even harder to get professional stuff handled even more….or is it all the same to you.

Alexie F:    that’s an excellent question…..yes,,, it definitely does,,,,it awakens me,,,it stirs my creative juices  that were kind of dormant 4 whatever reason,,,sleep isn’t my friend during that time,,,my mind is constantly going on the time.

Diz-E Image:  Do you find that some fans get a little too comfortable?  Like they know you, but they really don’t?  Or get to personal.

Alexie F:  ehh,,, no.  but  understand, a large percentage of my fan base r women,,,i have had instances where women have cat fight on my page (FACEBOOK) ,,2 the point where it has gotten competitive,,,that’s not cool because now i feel like some fans have lost interests be cuz they notice the competitive edge that has been created. ….some have mistaken my kindness 4 personal,,,& when they see that i am neutral,,,,hmm they have gotten kinda retarded ,,,haha  so maybe yes they do get 2 comfortable,,, when i was w/zro the fan base knew me more on audio,,,now since i have been doin my own thing,,,there is a different interaction ,,, maybe be cuz of the sexual content ,,,, ….some may not like,,,but  it works,,,,cant pleez everybody

Diz-E Image: You do have a male fan base as well…..do you find that you have alienated that group and that you cater more to the female fan base?

Alexie F: (large sigh) u know,,,i never thought about that,,,but that was never my intention 2 alienate the fellas,,,i guess it has been that my female fans r a lil more vocal,,,the fellas just don’t get vocal like that on the regular

Diz-E Image: What is your next goal?

Alexie F: my main thing when the hip hop documentary (Lost Tapes) is out,,,it 2 do major promotion 4 that,,,canadian film festival,,, poconos  film festival,,,all that,,,,,also got the lounge thing happening in the  bronx soon,,, the spot is basically 2 service the artists i luv & respect.

Diz-E Image:  And the books?

Alexie F : sex rules book will be out by xmas,,,(lingerie is already out),,,the rest of the books will cum out @ some point,,,they r in work tho,,gotta feel em out,,,but after sex rules,,,,,im definitely writing a book about baby momma drama,,,2 help young cats who got those issues,,,dedicated 2 those dudes who don’t get there respect,,,,those fellas who hold it down,,,fathers day is often they day of the condemned,,,these cats need to be respects,,,lets realize that,,,it aint about whether we got the pussy,,,its about the seeds yo!

Diz-E Image: What is your present art connection?

Alexie F: 4 me right now it is all about art appreciation,,,im constantly learning,,,looking @ colors, shapes,,,,all that,,,constantly promoting a.t.b,,,,many people tell me  i wear many hats,,,,,i have several interview coming out with artists i respect,,,i feel artists have a lot 2 say w/their creations of beauty,,,u r responsible 4 getting that,out,,,im responsible 4 getting that out,,,that’s our job trina.

Diz-E Image: I hear ya on that…..What is going on in the poetry world?

Alexie F:  wow,,,,well  i was suppose 2 host an event @ the end of the month but it was postpone due 2 conflicts w/schedules for he performers,,,,called “tavern of creativity” ,,,the portion i was hosting called calle luna.

Diz-E Image:  Any final words?

Alexie F: spiritually,,,im more in tune,,,i need that balance & peace when things tend 2 get hectic,,,u know,,,,i appreciate the support,,,i luv what  i do,,,,i luv my fans,,,,,,,,,,,,,i luv the growth

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