Friday, June 17, 2011

happy father day 2 the real mutha fukin fathers

let me get right 2 the point,,, being a father has never been made easy for me,,,when i decided to bounce out of that crazy situation,,,my life was made a living hell,,,

court dates,,,,threatening phone calls,, & orders of protection,,,lawd know it wasn’t easy,,,, but I got thru it,,,,& im a stronger man 4 it

ladies let me explain something 2 u,,,,,,,if u & the father of ur children decide to go ur own separate ways,,,,,,,do not think 4 one second that it is hurting him,,,,,,,it’s hurting the children

please allow ur sons/daughters 2 have a relationship w/their fathers,,,,,if the $$$ aint right i still go thru drama
imagine what it is like not 2 see ur children 4 a month in a half,,,,,well i guess its true what they say,,,,$$$ talks & bullshit walks,,,,,,Happy father’s day 2 my ghetto mutha fukers

& 2 the ladies that keep their children from their fathers,,,,,BEWARE…because those children will not be children always,,,,they will grow up resenting u for the time that they lost



  1. Happy Father's Day to you Sweetheart.... Enjoy those boys.. The hell w/everyone else... Remember they are a "NON MF FACTOR"

  2. OOPs...I accidentally posted the info he gave me thru me... But you know the words are all Alexie F.